Thursday, 11 August 2011

A taste of Rivière

Travelling up to Chinon the other day we took a detour off the D749 to the old village of Rivière, 1.6 kilometres south east of Chinon.

Having only ever been through the newer part of Rivière, we were very pleasantly surprised by this little gem of a village on the banks of La Vienne.

A walk along the river and then through the village took us past some quaint properties with beautiful gardens and flower lined streets.

Hollyhocks, of course, were in abundance!


The church of Notre Dame de Rivière, built during the tenth and eleventh centuries, is completely surrounded by buildings. To see parts of it, including the nave and the bell tower, you have to take a walk along the river and round the block!

The interior of the church shows how the nineteenth century imagined a medieval church would be decorated.

There is access to the crypt, again, elaborately decorated

Next time we go we will remember to take the map - which I managed to leave on the garage floor - so that we can follow the footpath along the river........ or is that a triumph of hope over experience?!


Craig said...

What a super looking little town! The river looks quite high - is that because you've had rain of late? I wonder if this town is prone to flooding in the winter?

Jean said...

Super photos !! What a lovely little village. The decoration on the church walls is beautiful.
One of the joys of spending more time in our little corner of France is that we are still discovering villages we have never seen before and they are often so pretty.

Mind you, could you please replace the rather grey looking sky with a nice blue one for our forthcoming visit??!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Craig, the river is actually quite low. It appears high in the photo because of the angle from which the photo is taken. We wondered, too, whether the village floods! It is quite high above the river so we suspect not.
Jean, we'll work on the weather!!