Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Magic Roundabout 3

This weeks featured roundabout is located just outside Châtellerault at the crossroads of the D38 the route to Targé and the D161 the route to Chevalerie. It is part of the Châtellerault ring road.  We travel on this road on our trips to Limoges Airport. It is the "rond-point des Vignes de Targé "

It is a very rural location so I would not expect to see anything other than a plain roundabout perhaps with a few wild flowers. However this is France and as can be seen from the photographs it is a small domaine ( Domaine des Roundabout!!!). It has the old machinery, two caves and even a small vineyard growing grapes.

I wonder what they actually do with the grapes?


Craig said...

I'm picturing Colin parking the car and risking life and limb to get to the roundabout! Or did you make Elizabeth do it?
Most unusual... thanks for the post.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Hi Craig, most of the photos are taken by me in the passenger seat whilst Colin goes round the roundabout until I get a good enough shot! Mad English!!!