Monday, 1 April 2013

La Foire Mensuelle, Lencloître 2013

On the first Monday of each month a market is held in the commune of Lencloître which is 20 kms from us in Braye. Today being a Monday and being April Fools day we took our guests to the market. (unfortunately they didn't sell so we had to bring them back with us again).

As it was a public holiday every man, woman and dog was there; it was packed!

It was certainly a good introduction to the weird and wonderful world of French Marchés. The number and variety of stalls astonished our guests.... though we couldn't help but notice that one type of stall excited the most interest!

We began to think that if we stayed long enough we wouldn't have to feed them for the rest of the day..

However if Jane had had her way, I think we'd have had another mouth to feed...

And we couldn't see that fitting in the 2CV!... We were having enough doubts about the collapsible food cover we had bought!!


Craig said...

I used to love going to our local markets when we lived there. The cheese stalls were brilliant. I'd love a pony too! Perhaps we could share it? 6 months in France, 6 months in Scotland!

Tim said...

A friend of ours brought an entire flat-packed fitted kitchen, including sink, from Germany to Britain in a 2CV. A donkey? No problem! Pauline

Tim said...

"Yes" Magazine in the late '80s always used to have a 'look twice' picture inside the back cover... things like a rear view of a car with a guy and a gorgeous blonde... followed by a front view of same car... blond turned out to be an Afghan Hound!!

But on one occasion they featured a 2CV being driven by a pig... stopped you in your tracks... until you remebered that it was a French car!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Craig, don't you dare put that 'share a donkey' proposition to Jane or all my objections will be blown out of the water!!

Craig said...

OK I won't... and why did I type pony when I meant donkey? There, I can't be trusted with one if I can't even get the name right.