Monday, 22 April 2013

Another well advertised event!

On Sunday morning there was a gathering of horse boxes across the field in front of our house. What's going on??

I had read nothing on the Mairie notice board or on any of the 'what's on' web sites we use...  

However this is NOT an uncommon occurrence here in France. I made the assumption it must be a Randonnée à Cheval - A walk with your horse.

After several internet searches I found the following. (Link to site here)

It looks like a brilliant event for a horse owner and the weather was perfect for it.

They all returned around 16:00, packed up and went, after what was probably a very enjoyable day.

I just wonder how many people would have liked such a day but did not know about it?
Such is life in France.

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Jean said...

You're right, you need to be a Poirot or Marples to find out what's going on in rural France. Many of the events around us have hardly any publicity, if any. You have to know where to look or who to ask !!