Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lôches en Fête!

"De samedi 30 mars à lundi 1er avril, Loches célèbre l'eau sous toutes ses formes à l'occasion de Loches en fête....."

This is how 'La Nouvelle Republique' advertised the festival at Lôches this weekend. However nothing had prepared us for the mix of attractions.

The theme today was water and the sea, so we took our visitors to see the attractions. There was everything from wine to wildlife - even some walking talking fish..

We tasted honey and spice cake, had a nice sip of Vouvray and generally enjoyed the atmosphere. After a spot of lunch we took our visitors up to the Donjon and then the church, the old town and the park

Then something we didn't expect... From the relative quiet of the park we took a different route back to the car and came upon a Fair, with rides the like of which we've only seen on Blackpool Pleasure Beach or similar...

It was all a bit crowded and very noisy but there were plenty of folk enjoying themselves..

Joyeuses Pâques Tout le Monde!


Craig said...

Looks like fun. The flowers in the park are lovely considering the cold weather you've had.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks Craig we always visit that small park when we go to Loches and no matter what time of year it is always pristine.