Saturday, 6 April 2013

Étang du Louroux

The Étang du Louroux was drained at the back end of last year, something that is done on a fairly frequent basis with all the fishing lakes in the region. For an account of how and why this is done Susan of Days on the Claise has written about it here.

Google View of the Etang du Louroux
As it is one of our favourite places, and we have walked its perimeter several times when the lake was full, we were interested to see what it looked like empty.
Elizabeth, Jane and Steve on the dam wall
Looking  down the length of the lake from the top of the dam wall.
Telephoto view of the hide.
Looking  down the length of the lake from lake bottom level.

And how do you let the water out from such a large lake?

You pull the plug of course!

We assume they will put it back in later this year.


Tim said...

It will be put back in late winter... in the meantime, they will be creating some small islands opposite the hide... and doing some dredging to create various deeper sections that will not drain when the lake is emptied.

The "airing" of the soil will happen as per normal, but for longer than normal... the full emptying and leaving for a year only takes place every ten years.

Nice to see yet more info about this interesting lake.

Craig said...

It looks huge - is it? So it'll be empty all summer?

GaynorB said...

We thought that yesterday, when we were in the Brenne. We were amazed by how shallow a couple of the empty lakes we saw must have been.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes Craig it will be like that all summer, the local fishermen will have to go elsewhere! Elizabeth said it was shallow but the dam marker shows a water depth of 5mtrs. That will be the deepest no doubt.