Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Potager 2013

With Elizabeth away I have started the first planting of 2013. First off a few lettuce seedlings complete with a willow protection cage to stop the pigeons eating them!!

Then our potatoes, this year we decided on a variety called Annabelle, we have been buying these at the supermarket and they are to our liking having a creamy texture when boiled.

I have also changed the planting method using a technique shown by Monty Don on Gardeners World last Friday. This involves digging a 15 cm deep trench, putting compost in the bottom, then the potatoes and heaping up.

We bought a 3kg sack and this contained just over 100 seed potatoes, to date I have put in 80. (Thought I would save you some to do Elizabeth...)

Today has been tooo hot and the soil is too dry and resembles bits of concrete to plant anything else! (that's my excuse) Dare I say it "We could do with a shower!"

So I tackled the Dahlias. This year all have survived their over wintering in the cellar and have been duly split and prepared for planting.

Unfortunately they all won't fit in the prepared bed even though we made it larger last year end. I am sure they will go somewhere?

The other things that look to me like they need to go in some soil are the two lots of willow cuttings I took for Jim and Tim...

They have developed some good roots but it may be a case of 'break the glass' to get them out.


Tim said...

They willarz look very good.... must get act together and come and fetch them.
I've been moving acres of grass to make the pumpkin maggot... now I've got the verger to rake up and move onto the maggot, also.
And more mowing and raking in the meadow.... and... and...

Craig said...

It's all very neat Colin. We're about a month away from planting here but have the seed potatoes and other veggie seeds all ready to go!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Tim. One man went to mow... The grass ain't half growin Have had to cut mine twice this week!