Sunday, 28 April 2013

Formby Sand Dunes, Merseyside, UK

Whilst over in the UK last week Elizabeth had an enjoyable trip out with her son to the National Trust site at Formby, an area of pinewoods leading through sand dunes to the coast.

The visit reminded her that Christmas is not too far away!

Yes, row upon row of Christmas trees. They are being used to prevent the erosion of Merseyside's sand dunes which are moving inland at the rate of four metres a year. The National Trust in conjunction with Homebase and with the help of teams of volunteers have recycled thousands of Christmas trees.

The trees are strategically placed in rows where the dunes are most vulnerable to help catch the sand as the wind blows it over the dunes.

The sand builds up around the trees and once they are covered they will bind the dune together.

What a great use for all those old Christmas trees. What will you do with yours?

If you are in the Merseyside area and would like an easy woodland stroll full details are here. For general information of the National Trust at Formby see here.

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Tim said...

Erk... another Ukelele post!!
Whoa thar George...

And it is nice to see that the Noble Fir in the first picture is still richly green... but all the spiky spruces are withered and brown!!

Good use of old trees, yes!