Thursday, 28 November 2013

Walking in Gueule Noire

We mentioned here a walk we had done one Sunday afternoon in Guele Noire. just north of Panzoult. Since then other topics have got in the way but tonight we will look back to that walk.

We were initially heading for the forest above Cravant les Couteaux but a wrong turning took us up the valley to the east and we discovered Gueule Noire, part of the heavily forested area to the north of Panzoult. We followed Rue de la Forêt from Panzoult up the valley to a suitable parking spot where there was access into the forest via marked tracks.

We had hoped to see spectacular autumn colours but at first we were a little disappointed. There was still a good deal of green on the trees. However, as we walked the nature of the forest opened itself to us and a riot of colour was revealed.

Not all the leaves were green...

There were berries of the brightest red on the hollies..

And a variety of shades on the oak apples...

We didn't see any wildlife at all though there was plenty of evidence that it existed...

And for those who enjoy a fungi foray, there were Pied de Mouton (Hydnum Repandum) in abundance!
So despite an overcast day, there was plenty to see and autumn colours to enjoy. Perhaps next time we visit we shall chose a brighter day!

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