Thursday, 7 November 2013


Some time ago we purchased 'un hachoir', which came equipped with a sausage making attachment.

With the success of bread making still ringing in his ears, Colin decided the time was right to make our first ever home-made sausages.... 

It's many years since I've eaten sausages. I've tried shop bought gluten- free ones in the past but without success; I've still been ill afterwards. So when Colin received the sausage skins he'd ordered via Amazon (!) we were determined to have a go. 

With all the ingredients ready we set to mincing the pork...

This and the mincing of the onion, apple and herbs, was the easy part! Sausage skins are not as easy to handle as you might think. Before we even started we'd split the skin in several places but eventually we got the hang of feeding the skin onto the arm of the machine and pushing the pork mix through the mincer.

Mistakes were made along the way - and that's all anyone needs to know. Even the '5 second rule' wasn't worth the collagen it's written on in this instance!

But we got a result!

In fact, we got eight of them...

And the verdict?

They were very nice. Fewer herbs and less black pepper would be an improvement but they cooked beautifully and cut like a .... like a sausage! I wasn't ill afterwards and for a first attempt we were very pleased with the result.

It was only after we'd made them that we heard via my daughter, Jane, that it was National Sausage Day in the UK yesterday. 

And we'd taken part without even knowing it!

Watch this space for more flavours.


Jean said...

Marvellous !!
Is there anything you can't buy from Amazon?

Susan said...

They certainly look like the real thing. I'm impressed and so glad they were a success for you Elizabeth.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Jean and Susan, Thank you very much for your kind comments. They're something you can't buy from Amazon!

GaynorB said...

Is there no end to Colin's many skills.
Before you know it you"ll be eating gluten free hotdogs!

Tim said...

Congratulations... you did it!!
And they don't 'arf look good....
Well done doing it on National Sossij Day... even if 'twas by accident.