Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Cardinal Richelieu

When searching the internet for something completely different we came across an essay written by an America lady Lydia K Ethridge as part of her degree course.

The work is well written and referenced and focuses on the political and religious situation facing Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

It is refreshing to read a different perspective on the Cardinal.

We think it is well worth reading especially if you are interested in our area's history.

The link below is to a PDF which can be downloaded and read at your leisure.



Susan said...

Thanks for the link, a very good read. There is a lot of nonsense written about Richelieu, thanks to everyone knowing the Three Musketeers. I particularly liked the fact that the paper pointed out that the king was not entirely dependent on Richelieu, and that much of the ensuing legislation was pragmatic. (The same applies to the previous generations in the 16thC.) I liked her focus on rebellion not religion. In those days you didn't have to create a cover for religious intolerance, so we can fairly safely assume that religion genuinely wasn't the issue.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Glad you enjoyed it as we did.