Tuesday, 26 November 2013

In the kitchen with Colin...(2)

The second in the 'series' is from a large cookbook I have had for many years entitled 'The World's Best Cooking (in colour)!' dated 1988. It was most probably bought from one of the companies selling cheap books in the workplace. Copies are left for people to browse and order, and then delivered at a later date.

The dish is 'Cod Manuella' which is a Spanish dish in which cod is poached with courgettes, tomatoes and red peppers. It could be any white fish, I used cod as we had several portions in the freezer from a bulk purchase at Auchan.

The dish contains Sherry and despite several supermarket searches I could not find a reasonably priced bottle of sherry anywhere. So I made a substitute of red wine and to be honest it was just as good and more to my preference. The rest of the recipe was as above.

The ingredients

Basic softening.

With the liquids added.

With the cod added.

The finished dish served with basmati rice.

It is a very tasty and different way to serve cod (or any other white fish). We have enjoyed it a couple of times now.

To download a PDF version of the recipe Click Here


Colin and Elizabeth said...

I agree! This really was delicious and I'm hoping Colin will make it again soon.... Colin??

Also, I'm looking forward to the next in the Series. I could get used to this! (E)

Tim said...

Colin... do you mean you actually SAW some sherry for sale?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes Tim at €40+ a bottle in Leclerc, Chinon. A little expensive for cooking AND drinking!!!