Friday, 29 November 2013


Yes, late November sunflowers!

Regular readers may remember my grandchildren in the sunflowers adjacent to our house back in August

Well, the sunflowers were still there until yesterday, looking a bit worse for wear.

The plus side is that they attracted birds by the hundreds. I attempted to get close up pictures but failed. Too many sunflowers to go at and they avoided the camera on a tripod like the plague! There are several in the 'cut' of the above photograph (below). Can you see them?

What you can see is how many actual seeds have been eaten; a lot!  As well as all the different small birds, we have even seen pigeons and crows pecking at them!

When disturbed, the sky was full.

The farmer, with combine, came yesterday and harvested them. I suspect his yield would be very limited. They will be sorely missed by the birds.... Better get the feeders out!


Pollygarter said...

I expect the birds will find a lot on the ground - though the farmer will have the field ploughed, harrowed, fertilised and sown with the next crop in no time!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes there are plenty of heads on the ground but I think you will be right, the ploughman cometh!