Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beaujolais nouveau...

The third Thursday in November is the release date for this vin de primeur originally produced to celebrate the end of harvest. If you are interested you can read further information on it here.

I always buy a bottle when it becomes available in the supermarket; this year was no exception. I chose a reasonably priced bottle on our weekly shop to Auchan last Saturday. Pierre Chanau Touraine Gamey at €3.25.

It was very pleasant and I thought the predominant taste was blackberry... but I am no expert.  All I am certain of is I enjoyed it.

So whilst in SuperU this morning I thought I would try another bottle... It was more expensive, I am getting frivolous in my old age, at €3.70

Say no more! I just hope it doesn't taste.

Elizabeth's theory on the name is that it reflects what the workers do into the vat! Thanks Elizabeth!

For the true meaning of the name see here.

Footnote: We hear an Australian couple have broken the world record for Christmas Lights. Simon; When is your big switch on? We can't wait to see them all!


Jean said...

The worst hangover I ever had was after a Beaujolais Nouveau winetasting evening! I've avoided it ever since!

As for the world record for Christmas lights - I'm glad I don't get his bill for electricity.

Pollygarter said...

Have you tried Touraine Primeur? Much more exclusive!