Saturday, 16 November 2013

Cheese and Herb Loaf.

Further developing my new found baking skills I decided to take on another gluten free challenge! Feta and Herb loaf.

This is another recipe from the Hamlyn book "200 Gluten Free Recipes" (Thanks, again, Jean, for this. It's a great addition to any cooks collection!)

As Elizabeth is not a fan of Feta cheese I substituted some grated Emmental

We had the dry ingredients in stock and these were combined together.

The herbs came from our, still productive, herb bed: a mixture of Chives, Parsley, Basil (two varieties) Tarragon and Marjoram...

The eggs from our chickens and water from the tap!

The mixture was well machine beaten and then the cheese stirred in.

and as there appeared to be too much for one tin it was split into two and placed in the proofing box.

A reasonable amount of rise was achieved..

And after baking, the finished article looked something like the picture in the book!

More importantly the taste and texture are great. Another success!


Jean said...

There will be no stopping you now, and you can have lovely fresh gluten free bread any time you like!

Tim said...

Try some dryish goats cheese instead of Feta...
it works in salads summat "bootiful"...

GaynorB said...

Looks delicious!