Sunday, 24 November 2013

Missing a Comma...

A close friend of mine documents what she calls "Offences against the Comma" on a certain social network site. Some of her favourites include a sign outside a local pub advertising tv football featuring: "Leed's"
 and the notice on a gate which reads: "Beware of the Dog's" .... the dog's what? one wonders!

Our photo tonight features a Comma of a different kind... but how easy is it to spot?

Or for a better view of it....

And if you have any favourite "offences against the comma" I know someone who would love to hear them!


GaynorB said...

Can't access the link but is a comma a butterfly or moth?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Gaynor. I've taken out the link and amended the post accordingly!

Jean said...

I sympathise with your friend's issues with the comma. Bad spelling and bad grammar irritate me as well.
You see it everywhere but it's most unforgivable in official places where someone ought really to know better.

And as for those people who say "what does it matter?"
(Not to mention the people who don't realise it's a criminal offence to begin a sentence with "and", "not" or "but"!) i would say that along with bad table manners it's the beginning of the end of civilisation !!
(Apologise for the double exclamation mark, but I'm not prepared to give that up.)