Thursday, 29 November 2012

Prehistoric Fierce Creature?

When I had finished out in the garden today and was about to brush myself down when I noticed what I thought was a piece of grass suddenly move...  Elizabeth bring the camera.

Now to us that looks prehistoric. All we can say, at 20 mm, is is a good job it is not 1000 times larger...

Our best ID is that it's the caterpillar of the Garden Carpet moth (Xanthorhoe fluctuate) but, we as always, will correct if this is not the case.

It really was most creepy in the way it moved and then froze into a defensive position. Mind you its what I do when Elizabeth is around with the camera.


Tim said...

I'm not sure what moth it is the catterrppillarr of... but it is a "looper" caterpillar... hence the movement... and its defence, when on a branch, is to imitate a twig... bootifully shown in the last picture.

Jean said...

Scary !!