Friday, 16 November 2012

A Mole of a different variety.

This week saw the arrival of Saur, our local water company, to make the connection for the new house being built across the road from us.

After an hour of deliberation and a test dig to find my shut off valve cover (as shown below) the two workmen marked a blue 'dig here' line adjacent to our garden wall directly opposite the new house and proceeded to dig with a small mini digger.

and what a hole it was, the water main is nearly 2 metres deep (No danger of that freezing then)

We were impressed for two reasons, firstly they made the connection to the high pressure main without turning off the supply and secondly rather than dig up the road they moled in the new pipe. The mole is circled below.

Once the connection was made, the hole was backfilled, a new self levelling valve access installed and everything was replaced and made good.

The only exception is the test hole exposing our self levelling valve access. I am hoping they will be back to re-level it to ground level... Time will tell.

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Abbé Henri Proust said...

Let's hope the bar next door now has the ambition to take on the space and enlarge their premises and ambitions!