Wednesday, 28 November 2012

European Differences.

We always look out for the latest advertising magazines both from the shops we frequent and coming through our mailbox. We find that they are a very useful way of picking up on offers that are not always highlighted when you go into the stores themselves.

The German company ALDI ( Albrecht Discount) is one of the stores we use, especially for their offers and they do a great gluten free chocolate, a rarity these days  as surprisingly most of the French chocolate contains gluten. They also have a cheap tin of really good corned beef...  (corned beef hash.... yummy!)

I digress; Last week we picked up their latest information, which at this time of year contains many children's items...

including this DVD of the French stand up comedienne Florence Foresti doing a 90 minute show recorded in 2010.

It's title made us look again... 'that' word on a children's page. Then you realise the word has no meaning in French.

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