Friday, 9 November 2012

All is revealed

Following on from yesterdays post, removal of the old shower tray is now complete. The job went reasonably smoothly and once the concrete had been removed from both sides the old tray could be lifted. It was held in place by the waste which had to be unscrewed from the top using a special tool, which we did not have, so made do with a hammer and screwdriver.

Unfortunately because of the power of the breaker we ended up with a chip in the shower tray and several loose tiles, at floor level, in the adjacent toilet. They had been shaken loose... Not surprising given the water content of the plaster.

The removal was quite revealing. You have to admire the ingenuity of the French builders.

The new tray we are proposing to fit is 120cm by 90cm so it will go virtually fully across the width which is 127cm. It is only 40mm high so fitting is is going to be fun...  once it has dried out with the help of our dehumidifier  (from damp Lancashire).

This brings us to the removal of the spoil

and our old friend la déchetterie at Richelieu. See here. We are now two years + down the line and despite a visit to the Mairie at Richelieu, where we were told it is processed by the man at the déchetterie, we still have no card.

So for the third time the very helpful man (Alain Delaunay) took our paperwork and said the card would be delivered by courier!!!

We wait in anticipation.


GaynorB said...

We don't have to show anything at Le Grand-Pressigny. We are just asked for our commune.

Fingers crossed that it is third time lucky!

Tim said...

Having looked at what is under your shower... I now know why they do so much "country" [ie; line] dancing... it is all thye cowboy builders!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Exactly! The house they are building across the road from us does not look square and now they have put the roof beams it looks even worse. Must take some photo's

Colin and Elizabeth said...

I think they will be crossed for a long time. At least he does not stop us using the place