Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pollarded Willow update.

We had one of our three large willows well and truly pollarded back in March, See Here.  It looked like this when the job was completed

and we said at the time "We are expecting our tree to look something like this one,  photographed outside Richelieu camping site, in ?? years time."

Well its growth rate over the last six months has been formidable...

You would not think it was the same tree. We will be doing some selective pruning, once the leaves have fallen, to get it into a better shape. So we can now say " in one year" instead of "?? years"

Another one is scheduled for the same treatment once the leaves have gone.


Jean said...

An amazing transformation. Who'da thought it !!??

Tim said...

Fine looking willow!
Looking at the length of the brahches this looks like it is "Babylonia"... can I have a few cuttings when you prune, please?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Not a problem, will let you know when we cut.