Saturday, 17 November 2012

Is this goodbye to another of Richelieu's Shops

For some time now we have noticed a listing on for a shop in the main square at Richelieu which Elizabeth uses for some of her sewing and knitting needs. It also carried a large range of adult and children's clothing although we have to say much of the that was not to our English taste. We understand that the lady who owns it is going to retire.

The shop is now destined to close down with all the stock being sold with large reductions.

It will be such a shame to loose such a useful shop and we are sure it will be missed by many of Richelieu residents who do not have easy access to the larger town shops.

It was relisted on this morning so hopefully someone will take it on, all be it in a different form.


Abbé Henri Proust said...

My comment is on the previous post!.....operator error

GaynorB said...

It's the same the world over.

Yesterday we shopped in Lichfield. A large TJ Hughes shop has closed and another ten shops around it in a precinct are now empty. There used to be at least three independent florists where it was possible to have a really nice bouquet put together.

We couldn't find one and ended up in a giant Tesco! A sign of the times...

Jean said...

Old fashioned shops like this must be hard to make a living from. Sadly when they close it's difficult to find the same stuff in other places. Supermarkets just don't offer the range of haberdashery items that a small retailer would keep in stock.

I believe there is a haberdashery stall on Chinon market. There is a shop in Descartes that sells knitting needs and a similar one in Ligeuil that sells gifts, clothes, haberdashery and so on. I wonder if these will carry on when the owners give up. Personally I would be in heaven running a shop like this but it's probably little reward for a lot of effort.