Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Gentlemen Prefer Blonds"

It is an age-old saying that is regularly contested.
But unfortunately for all the glossy brunettes out there, it seems that men really do prefer blondes when choosing a date.
The latest survey revealed that men are 3 per cent more likely to opt for a blonde over a brunette. (Daily Mail Aug 2012)

Continuing on yesterdays theme.

Whilst shopping I wanted to buy this

For some reason totally unknown to myself Elizabeth again would not let me...

Perhaps I should start shopping alone!


Jean said...

I really don't think she should let you off the lead just yet !!

Tim said...

Three neurones? As many as that? Pauline

Colin and Elizabeth said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that someone otherwise known as Tim may be responsible for the above remark!! And if not... whose side are you on, Pauline?!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Off the lead?? - NO CHANCE!! And unless he calms down a bit, this is one house Father Christmas can cross off his list!

Tim said...

No, that really was Pauline... I'm two neurones short of making remarks like that.
Colin, you need a shed... you can decorate that as you like!!