Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A puzzle of the dirty kind.

Whilst out in the garden this afternoon the eagle eyed Elizabeth spotted this beauty. The 10 cents gives it some scale!

BUT who's it from?

The nearest find on the internet is this one...

Looks similar doesn't it... but I have never seen a Panda in Braye.

We bet Chris Packham would know, but can anyone else help us identify the culprit.


Tim said...

Deer, dear!
Very probably Roe Deer [judging by the size.]

Tim said...

Mind you... there are Pandas very nearby, don't forget.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks Tim. Would a deer come so close to the house, the poo was only about 2 mtrs from the front house wall.

Tim said...

At night, yes!
I've looked again at the dung... and compared it with three sources [all in books] and it is Roe Deer.