Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wake up! There is someone in the garage!!

These were the words I heard from Elizabeth at 03:15 this morning... So, being the man, I gracefully rose from my sleep and headed towards the garage door.

Listening for a while I heard nothing. "Too much wine", I thought to myself, especially after a good night round at a friend's house...

But, with my heart beating faster than normal, I pulled open the garage door and turned on the light.. Absolutely nothing in the garage! A quick check outside - also absolutely nothing. So it was back to bed for me.

Sometime later, 06:45 to be precise, Elizabeth was whispering in my ear again: "There is something in the garage!" "WELL!" I said, "it will have to wait till morning".

Morning came and we stalked towards the garage, Elizabeth armed with a long brush for protection. Top and bottom of it: there was nothing in the garage and no signs of anything having been there...

Elizabeth was beginning to think she was going crazy; I was thinking it was the fine whiskey we rounded off the night before with! She searched every space in the garage and found absolutely nothing. Just about to give up she heard something and to my surprise so did I - and it appeared to come from the motobineuse.

So, being the brave man, I lifted off the grass box and look what dropped out!!!

It quickly ran under the cutters and then, with the help of the brush shaft, ran off to a dark corner of the garage where it stayed put. "Pick it up!" I said to Elizabeth. "NO, you pick it up" she retorted... 

 So, with the aid of PPE ( personal protective equipment), I grabbed the beast.

He/She was then returned to the garden where it remained traumatised for a short while. It then scurried off back into the undergrowth..

An all round happy ending you might say... Except for Elizabeth's lack of sleep of course... Early to bed tonight Elizabeth and NO alcohol!!!


Jean said...

What an exciting life you lead !!
But the moral of the story is - the wife always knows best !!
I wonder how long the little fella had been there.

Pollygarter said...

If you've got a 'tame' slug-eater.... make it a gite for the winter! Great pix.
Tim in t'Biblio

Anonymous said...

That's huge! It's funny how a brush is a good weapon. When we had a marten in the kitchen, my dad came armed with a brush and a radio. I'm not sure what he thought the radio would do though.

Sarah said...

Jazz says this is awesome! Get some nice food and build it a home :-)

Colin and Elizabeth said...

That will have to wait until I complete my spell in rehab!! Love to all! xx