Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Richelieu Station on the Fashion Map

Last month we took a few photos and posted a blog about Richelieu station

This was seen by my good friend's daughter, Caroline, a graphic designer at BMB group, who just happened to be working on a project for the fashion brand 'Gibson'.

One of the photos on the post struck a chord with Caroline and she contacted us to ask permission to use it in the project.

We were more than happy to agree and today Caroline has sent us photos of the printed brochure, showcasing the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

The original photo has been 'tweaked' adding a little colour and flair (and a bicycle!) but otherwise the image is very much that of the old station.

When the brochure is folded, the railway station forms the main cover picture.

The brochure will be distributed at fashion exhibitions including MODA and AIS and the fashion stands at the exhibitions will be built using the 'old railway' theme to reflect the photo.

So, a simple photo of the railway station and a good deal of creativity on Caroline's part and Richelieu can claim its place on the fashion map. Who would have thought it?

I wonder if the Cardinal would approve?!

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