Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hoopoe Family

We have blogged about the Hoopoe several times before as we both enjoy this exotic looking bird coming and feeding in our garden. Last year we joked about it posing for us, See here

This year it went one better by bringing it's wife and two children into the garden to see us.

Hope you enjoy the Hoopoe Family photo's

"I have the food, now where are they?"

There you are!!
"Who's first then.."

"Come on then, get together for the group photo"

and of course you get the typical youngster showing off!!

"Opps... nearly fell off"

We love them and are pleased they have successfully produced two offspring this year. Long may they return to the wood at the rear of our house.

For more information on the Hoopoe and to hear its distinct call visit  the RSPB site here


GaynorB said...

Fantastic! Lucky you.

Susan said...

Gaynor has stolen my comment :-) They are so cute, what fun for you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful birds!

Jean said...

They are truly fabulous birds.
I have never seen one but did hear one calling in the woods - in your village. I wonder if they ever visit LGP - I will keep my eyes and ears open.

Pollygarter said...

We saw one fly past La Forge this morning, so they are around, but no wonderful close-up action like yours!