Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dancing in the Street!

Faye la Vineuse held it's Fete today... aptly named Faye Fete!

And, yes, there was dancing in the street... you may be able to make out the band just to the left of the dancers..

In fact the whole village was bursting at the seams with stalls - both brocante and artisans - and visitors.

I was particularly taken with the imagination behind these figures based on local stereotypes.. What a great gift idea!

Every corner of the village was packed with stalls, some at pitched at improbable angles to make the most of the space available...

All the usual stuff was there; the naked doll with matted hair and one arm missing; the set of pans bearing the scars of 60 years of use; the incomplete set of  "Quilting for Beginners"  magazines and the odd weapon...

Once again, a small village putting on a great show.. It began at 6:30 this morning and ends with a Feu d'Artifice tonight at 23:30.

At least, that's when they're SAYING it will end!!


GaynorB said...

Then ... if you dash home really quickly you'll catch the end of the London 2012 closing ceremony.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Don't worry: that's already factored into the equation!! SKY+
Happy viewing!

ps. we've also to fit in a viewing of the meteor shower tonight (around 12:30 - 3am) One of the plus points of not sleeping, eh!

Anonymous said...

I love vide-greniers. They must have the same components all over rural France. I think you could go to one in Normandy, in Alsace, in Lot or here and they'd all have the same things at the same silly prices! I confess I bought two old maps at the last one to do a bit of decoupage, but generally, the number of Julio Inglesias and Nana Mouskouri LPs on sale is startling and yet somehow endearing!

Pollygarter said...

Does anyone ever sell one of the one-armed dolls?