Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dahlias - a successful outcome

Back in early May I wrote about my battles with the earwigs!! which were eating my dahlias as fast as they put on new leaves. The traps failed so I had to resort to stronger measures in the form of an Insecticide Systemique. (Fertilgene Polysect Ultra SL) The garden centre assured me it would kill the earwigs and it did.

The dahlias themselves were bought as mixed??  I think they have certainly been a success. They are weeks ahead of the ones I used to grow in Lancashire and hopefully will continue to bloom for many more weeks.

I have recently planted two yellow ones that Auchan were giving away at 0.50€ for two tubers. Whether they will grow enough, I don't know, but they are growing.


Jean said...

Beautiful !! We love dahlias.

Craig said...

I love dahlias. They're such showy flowers.