Friday, 17 June 2011

Weather forecasts..

Weather forecasts, eh? All week we've been promised rain. Yesterday, as we gardened in shorts and t-shirts, the forecast claimed we were having a (much needed) shower.

The wheat fields around us are lovely and golden ...

....but the grains are small because there has been no rain to swell them.

Today the forecast was for rain at 2pm, so in anticipation of the non-event I pegged out two lines of washing.

And it rained!! Not much; but rain nevertheless; enough to leave raindrops on the flower petals.

We watched it falling for ten minutes or so and came to the conclusion that it is a different beast altogether to Lancashire rain. Lancashire rain is wet, persistent, cold and long lasting. This was gentle, mild and did little to alleviate the drought conditions.

So do we miss Lancashire rain???? What a daft question!


Susan said...

Likewise - my washing got rained on too.

Craig said...

I'll send you some rain, just like I offered Walt at WCS. No charge... really!