Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fete de la Musique. Ste Catherine de Fierbois

Last night we had a night on the town, well picturesque village actually, Ste Catherine de Fierbois. What a great night it was... and no admission charges!!! even car parking was provided and free!!!

The three bands we saw were excellent and as always in France the local turnout was amazing with all generations young and old alike enjoying the music.

Enjoying the Music. (and the drink)
The Bands.....
Plutot Blues
The Paper Plane
The first two bands sang many English songs and were, to say the least lively, with many of the audience dancing, some even got on the stage. The third group was totally french blues, which was not to our taste, but the performance was good if a bit flat following the first two. It was a thoroughly 'good do' and to be recommended next year...


Jean said...

One of the great things we love about France is that events like this are going on all the time and they're completely free !! In the UK, you would probably have parted with twenty quid for parking and admission before you got anywhere near the entertainment.

Craig said...

I agree with Jean. And you just don't get the sense of community at similar events in the UK. It's a uniquely French cultural thing in that alcohol and loutish behaviour doesn't generally take over. Sounds like a fun evening.