Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cherry Pickers !!!!

After the hard work of the last few days.... I thought it was time to relax for a short while and see what our feathered friends were up to. The garden has been full of youngsters for some time now.. waiting to be fed, pecking around on there own. However I think the parents must have given them all instructions " Those red things taste good, go and try them"! Our sour cherry tree was full of young birds enjoying what is left of the fruit.

If only I could reach it
Someone bring me one to try
Which one should I go for?
You nicked mine you little ****
Too many big birds in that tree for me and those red things are gigantic

Every bird was at the Cherry party except for one. Our Niger Seed guzzler, the Goldfinch. He prefered seeds to cherries.

We are so lucky to have such a variety.....

It is nature but we think the Magpie destroyed the Goldfinch nest in our vines. I checked on day and the nest was sideways and torn apart.. Better luck next time...


GaynorB said...

What is it they say about 'nature being raw in tooth and claw'?

Or is it as Tennyson wrote 'nature red in tooth and claw'?

Jean said...

Lovely photos. Isn't it a joy to be able to watch the antics of our feathered friends?
(But not the nasty ones, such as magpies.)

Craig said...

Lovely photos. Bloody magpies get everywhere.