Thursday, 9 June 2011

Saumur (50kms from Braye)

According to the guidebooks, the skyline of Saumur is one of the loveliest along the Loire. It is dominated by the Hotel de Ville close to the river, the tower of the church of St Pierre and, overlooking the town, the chateau of Saumur. We always like to take our visitors for a look round both the town and the magnificent views from the chateau.


The town is full of interest. It has some splendid architecture, examples of which are shown below..


Grand buildings give way to narrow streets filled with interesting and sometimes quirky little shops


However often we visit it never fails to enchant us with its charms.


Craig said...

It looks wonderful. I wasn't familiar with the town so thanks for the education. Have a good weekend.

Jean said...

We haven't been to Saumur for a while, thanks for reminding us what a lovely town it is.
PS Nick usually decides we should go on a Monday. It's not until we're half way there that I then remember that most of the shops are shut on Mondays - crafty thing!! But at least we always get a good lunch.