Sunday, 12 June 2011

The medieval city of Chauvigny

The market town of Chauvigny is on the banks of the Vienne River, 57 kilometres from Braye-sous-Faye.

The town is overlooked by a hill on which stands the medieval city. There are five ruined castles along its ridge - the 'Château des Eveques (‘baronial chateau'), the 'Chateau d'Harcourt', the 'donjon de gouzon' and the chateau de Montleon.

Donjon de Gouzon
 A trip to the top of the hill to visit the medieval city is well worth the climb, though parking is available.

View over the town and river below

There are many narrow streets opening onto a square with eating facilities. The one shown above had waiters and waitresses in period costume adding to the flavour of the place.

The church of St Pierre, also on the site, merits a separate blog.... See tomorrow's posting!

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Craig said...

Beautiful street scenes!