Monday, 20 June 2011

Having trouble getting it up.... Not the French...

This afternoon there was alot of activity on our road up towards the main road. We had seen a long concrete 'electric' post by the roadside for a couple of days. Today was the day for getting it up... Heres how its done!!!

Move the pole into position
Attach a small drill
Drill the hole
Deeper and deeper
Drop the pole into your hole
Well!! it should fit!!
A bit of backfill
and voila its up!!!
Now you  are probably asking "What is it for?" We have no idea. 

My best guess is it could be a mast for the radio internet. We went to the meeting here. It is the same type of concrete pole that is  used for main electrical overhead cables but it is long way from the village power supply... and looks higher but that may be an optical illusion. We will let you know...


Craig said...

I think it's a welcoming and communication post for visiting aliens. Best of luck with it...!

Susan said...

It can't be for the electricity supply, as there is currently a big works programme to send them underground in the department.