Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Taupes Episode 3 - Not for the Squeamish!

For those of you who have been following my battle with the Taupes (moles) in the last installment I had failed pretty miserably with the traps and resorted to the GAS fireworks. These appeared to be not much use either but I don't know that! I only know that the piles of earth continued, so based on that the expensive fireworks did not do much.

 As I have said previously I will not give up without a fight!! So last night I resorted to the traps again.

One happy chap!
I must have had some unknown inspiration from my grandfather William Young as I set the traps in deeper runs and as you can see had two catches.

So as not to waste the catches they have been skinned and frozen ready for a meal for our guests over Easter.

Only joking we left them out on the top of the hill as bird of prey food and by 17:00 hours they had gone. I suspect to our friendly sparrow hawk.

The trapping will continue.


Jean said...

I always feel guilty about things like this and hope that the creatures did not suffer too much before they expired. But since our nightmare episode when we had grey squirrels nesting in our loft a few years ago - I feel less compassionate. I would not be deliberately cruel but would use any means to get rid of them - moles or squirrels.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Here here!!!