Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool

 Yesterday we put together our new barbecue which was straight forward enough even though the instructions were limited.

It was more or less a case of "if it looks right, get it screwed in place".

The nearly finished barbecue looked like this...........

If we lived in the UK you would probably think this was an April Fool but with the weather sunny and the temperature at 21°C tonight we actually had our first barbecue.

With a lovely piece of pork to cook, Colin got busy...

Are we nearly there yet? Elizabeth's inside preparing the salad

Or she should be.... but then again, someone's got to take the photos!

Ready to serve! I'm off to enjoy the meal with a nice glass of wine. The first barbecue of 2011 - the first of many, we hope!

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Susan said...

So did we :-)