Tuesday, 26 April 2011

French Butterfly Atlas Part Two

A while ago we mentioned that I was taking part in the French Butterfly Atlas (STERF) study. My survey area is not far from here and today we went up for the first of the 'counts'.

One of the transects I am surveying
I thought that armed with a clip-board, a field guide and a cold drink I'd be ok but how wrong can a girl be?! Fortunately for me Colin offered to come with  me and take photos as I did the recording.

Between us we got quite a number of sightings but it was far from easy to identify, in the field, what we saw.

Some were easy....
male orange tip
Some were not so easy but with the help of Colin's photos I've been able to make an educated guess...

Duke of Burgundy
Duke of Burgundy - underwing
Sooty Copper
Sooty Copper - underwing
Small Heath
Small Heath and friend!
And some I'm not too sure about...

Large White? Small White? Medium White??!
Susan, who first introduced me to STERF, very kindly offered to help with any identifying if I needed it..... I fear she may now regret this offer!

Susan? Are you there???


Susan said...

I would say Small White. Your other one is a Common Heath moth Ematurga atomaria. You lucky thing, getting a Duke of Burgundy! They are uncommon and in decline.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for coming to my aid, Susan... it may not be the last time!!