Friday, 8 April 2011

Garden water for the summer

We are lucky enough to have two wells, one in the garden and one in the cave.

We also have the old septic tank (The Fosse Septique in France) which since the house went onto the village sewage system is now not in use other than for a water store. This is where the cave pump discharges to. I have given it a cursory glance previously but until today never really investigated it.  From the photographs below I think the tank is preformed one as shown.

This is our installation both externally and internally.

Internally showing one corner of the tank
The open links between the first and second tanks
As can be seen from the last photograph the water is crystal clear and I estimate it contains between 2500 and 3000 litres of water.

I also with determined with the aid of a hosepipe fed from our garden well, a laddder, and the multi talented Elizabeth that some, if not all, of our roof rainwater is also diverted into the tank.

So if we have a very dry summer and the garden well dries up, which it may well do with the water we are going to need for our potager we have another source of water. All we now need is a method of using it.

Watch this space. I have a cunning plan!!

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