Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Village Meeting!

Tonight we have been to our first meeting in the village. It was held in the salle polyvalente, which sounds so much more exotic than village hall. It was about the village's internet access.

We received the invitation last week, delivered by tractor!
The invitation!
The location
We arrived at 17:50 hrs to join a handful of people waiting outside. That bit was easy; 'bonsoiree' all round.
At about 18:10 everybody filed inside and the meeting started about ten minutes later.

It was basically a sales pitch from three guys and a woman about converting the village to radio internet, which if you believed what they said could give you 40Mb/s download speed. They passed around an antenna which could be fitted to your roof. They rattled on and on and on about the benefits. Some people wound them up about possible poor reception and it went on and on and on. Salemen do not differ from country to country!

When it came to price it was about the same as we are paying for our Orange internet but for 3Mb/s rather than the 2Mb/s we are getting and despite ALL the sales pitch the best rate they could offer for 10 euros more, was 6Mb/s.

After 1½ hours, and with one person still to speak, we left quietly by the back door.....

Our intention of meeting some of our fellow villagers had failed but our belief that all salesmen have attended the same bull speaking school was confirmed!

So it was home to peace and a barbecue!

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Jean said...

After only 1½ hours they had probably only just started !!