Saturday, 9 April 2011

The cunning plan

Following on from yesterday and the need to extract all the lovely water from the Foss Septique to the potager.........

Given that our other two wells have submersible pumps, that looked like a good starting point, so out we went and bought a cheap 25€ pump.

This was followed by a route through the "english" plumbing box!! (French pipe sizes are completely different to english) The following bits looked useful.

Carefully assembled and cleaned and about to be soldered together. (Cleanliness is next to godliness when soldering) Can you see what it is yet!

Then the mounting, an old fence stake and wooden post should do the trick.

Its looking good !!
Its working well! However buying a cheap pump was an error, not enough flow pressure to do the long hoses required around the garden. The new pump does however work OK in transferring water from the cave well to the Foss Septique. So I have changed them over as the old pump is twice the capacity of the new one.

We also managed to pump the garden well dry but that's for another days saga!

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