Friday, 15 April 2011

Crackle cookies and Taupes (moles) Episode 4

Not sure whether the title of this posting might be a bit off putting. but here goes anyway...

Two successes to report today. First the discovery that Colin had won another round in his fight against the Taupes. Total Taupes now trapped ............. 4.

Second was of a culinary variety. Jean, who writes the blog, Baking in Franglais, posted a recipe for Crackle Cookies a few weeks ago. As we are having my family over at the weekend this was a perfect time to try out the recipe.

Armed with a copy of the recipe, a table full of ingredients and his food mixer, Colin set to. And here is the result:

Thank you Jean!!!!!

PS They taste delicious. Elizabeth is going to try the recipe using the gluten free flour. but until then. Ohhhh Elizabeth they dooooo taste nice...yum yum. C

Click here for Jean's recipe.

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Jean said...

Well done Colin !! They look perfect !!