Friday, 25 February 2011

A visit to the hairdressers

Yesterday I paid my first ever visit to a French hairdressers. In the past I've chickened out and waited until we have been back in England to get my hair cut.

This visit took weeks of planning. In fact when we went for haircuts  back in the UK just before new year we took photographs in preparation for the French version.

The thinking behind this was that if all else failed we could use the tried and tested: "Comme ça, s'il vous plait?" routine.
Anyway, I wrote down what I needed to say and practised until word perfect - sort of. I went to make the appointment, and when I got to the end of my prepared speech the hairdresser calmly announced that she spoke English, having lived in Reading for over twelve months.... AGHHH!!

If only I'd known I could have spared myself the sleepless nights.

If you're wondering.... yes I did use the photo and yes, the haircut worked out just fine. I even got a 'carte de fidélité', just as we have for every supermarket chain in France!

Having said that I think we'll buy some hair shears before Colin's hair needs trimming!

Footnote -Thanks Norma for the photo update you have done a great job. I wonder how may of our readers have noticed the difference!

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