Saturday, 19 February 2011

Art lessons...

I'd like to think I have a bit of an artistic flair.... But in truth, it's more of a smudge than a flair...

My ex art mistress at the very Catholic all-girls convent school I attended offered little in the way of encouragement, but at the start of our GCE O level she stood behind me and said: "Let there be light; Genesis, Chapter 1; verse 3. as I set brush to paper.

Lark Hill House School Preston circa 1920

Ever since I've been acutely aware of the importance and impact the quality of light gives to a painting or photograph. So in an obscure way, Miss Noblett sowed the seeds for my love of both art forms.

Years later, when the fear of being late for our weekly art lesson (at the far end of the building and on the top floor) had subsided, I went voluntarily to an evening art class. The teaching methods had changed beyond recognition but the criticism was still implicit.

I prefer to do small. It's what I'm comfortable with and what I enjoy. However this was at odds with the art teacher who wanted me to think big. "Fill the paper; use a larger brush..." The brush in question was the sort used to apply masonry paint to the gable end of a large building... And so once again I found myself at odds with my art teacher.
Teacher's brush
My brush!

Why mention this now?? Well, things changed in the art class. I gave up trying and failing to think big and went back to doing small. I painted snowdrops.

There was to be an open exhibition and I entered my snowdrop painting (not the one I've done above, I hasten to add!) and lo and behold, it sold! Not only did it sell, but it was the first painting in the exhibition to sell!!

I was vindicated at last. I became well-known (in the art class, at least!) for painting snowdrops.

So every spring when the snowdrops appear I'm taken back to that art class I attended all those years ago...

Perce-neige (Galanthus nivalis) by the roadside in Braye-sous-Faye


Susan said...

Your snowdrops are lovely. You definitely have an eye and a nice confident technique. A woman of boundless talent I'd say!

Niall & Antoinette said...

definitely more than a smudge of talent! :-)