Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Moving the Arch

Today we moved the last item from our 'fence that we did not want' - The arch....

The first job was to empty the soil and a few weary plants from each box. We then discovered each box was secured to the ground with a spike, so we had to resort to the pulley and leylandii method used in yesterday's blog. We then removed the 'roof' section.

Moving the parts to the opposite end of the garden involved a trolley and a balancing act; and after another balancing act the arch was installed

The installation involved re-spiking the boxes to the ground using a sledge-hammer .... and a piece of leylandii!

A few barrow loads of earth later and and the job was nearly done.

We were ready to add the climbers we had rescued earlier but as you may see from the photo, that's not all that we added....

The arch is now our garden seat (albeit a temporary one at the moment!), with a view over the garden and the fields beyond.

We look forward to taking a break here and enjoying a cuppa after a spot of gardening!

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