Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Tondeuse Autoportees

Tondeuse Autoportees, or Ride on Lawnmowers, have never been far from our thoughts since we first decided to buy the house.
Part of the area of grass
With over 6000m² of grass or 'pelouse' this is to be our next major purchase and today we continued our search for a suitable model.

The model shown above is a Bestgreen (a make produced and marketed by Bricomarche). It is powered by a 20hp Briggs and Stratton petrol engine and is specified to be suitable for areas up to 8000m². It collects the grass (mulching) into a large box at the back. Some models only push the grass out at the side; not really what we want. What we are going to do with the grass we're not sure but we will let you know!

The other contender we have looked at so far is a Husqvarna. The model we have seen is 12.5 hp, so not as powerful as the Bestgreen (above) and is recommended for areas up to 6000m².

The search will continue over the coming days and we will update you when we have made a choice..

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