Monday, 28 February 2011

Repairing the Fork Candles !!

Manche Louchet Bequille 90cm
This morning we had to go to Bricomarche so whilst there we picked up a 'Manche Louchet Bequille 90cm' or to our english readers a fork handle. However when translated Manche = Channel or sleeve or long shaft, Louche without the t = dubious and Bequille = crutch ??  Such a lovely language French. I think it means a long shaft with a top piece as usually french garden tools are just a long shaft.

Removing the old handle

The steel rivot was drilled out and then the old wood knocked out with a screwdriver !!

The new shaft was the planed and sanded to a 'perfect' fit!

The  fork head was then hammered onto the shaft and a new hole drilled for a new steel rivot.

What to use for a rivot? a quick look through the junk boxes and a suitable coach bolt was found. This was then pushed through the hole and rivoted over.

All that was left was a quick test !! and it was quick.

We now have a new fork at a cost of 5.95 euros.

This is not the end of my tale. The multi talented Elizabeth was dying to try the planer So I gave her the old fork handle and a quick lesson in planing and !!

She made herself a dibber. I am expecting at least 50 seedling plants a minute when the time comes !

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Sarah said...

Looks like a lethal weapon and will definately need hiding from your mischievious Grandson!