Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Braye-sous-Faye - Part One

Its about time we told you a little about the village in which we live Braye-sous-Faye.
The village as seen from the D749 the main road to Chatellerault
The village has a population of 340 people giving a population density of 21.7 inhabitants per square kilometre. You really can't move for people!!

Apart from housing, which varies from the ancient to the relatively modern, the only other buildings are the Mairie and school combined,

the Eglise Paroissale Saint-Jean-Baptiste, dating back to the twelfth century

and the Salle Polyvalente (village hall) with adjacent boules pitch.

Each of these is a story in itself...
The tales will unfold over the coming weeks!


norma said...

Love the new header picture.
(You really need to Photoshop- out the annoying telephone wire though!)

Jean said...

Lovely new header photo. Is it an autumn or winter photo? It will be nice to see how it changes with the seasons.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

The photo was taken on Christmas day. We will do one in the spring as a follow on.