Thursday, 17 February 2011

Potager continued !!

Looking at the weather for the coming week (rain rain & more rain) we made the decision to start rotovating the potager. It had been left to over-winter in very deep furrows, just as Monsieur Bourreau had ploughed it.

As we had never used a Motobineuse before it promised to be a whole new experience...

Keep a grip on it Colin!
and it was!!

Motobineuse take some getting used to. They appear to have a mind of their own. A multitude of roots tangled around the blades after each length - and were expertly removed by Elizabeth, I would like to say!

We soon managed to get a section completed.

However as well as having to remove the tangled roots after each length I had to endure the feeling of my arms getting longer and my shoulder sockets ripping from me.

Despite this we did manage about two thirds of the 400m² of potager.

We will continue tomorrrow if my body will stand it !!!!

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