Thursday, 10 February 2011

Logs and leaves

It's been a day of logs, leaves and lovely weather..

When we cut down fifty plus of the leylandii across the front of the garden we just piled the logs more or less insitu.

Now the time has come to begin the move. Colin had earmarked an area at the edge of the garden to use as a log store.

At the time of writing we're unsure about the value of burning these logs after two or three years. Opinion is divided: some say they 'glue' up the chimney. However, for the present they will be piled up and left open to the elements.

So the long haul across the garden began. You'd think by now we would be used to this sort of thing but it still comes as a surprise, or rather shock, to the system!

The hauling has finally finished and he log pile has grown substantially!

So that's the logs sorted.... The leaves have come very close to defeating us over the last few months. Today, however, we won!

To be continued!

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